2014 Quality Home Comfort Award Winner:
Retrofit/Renovation More Than 3,000 Sq. Ft.
"Clean Slate Leads to Ideal Comfort"
Rosenberg Indoor Comfort
San Antonio, TX

Quick and dirty jobs. That’s what many retrofit HVAC projects can become. Remove and replace existing heating and cooling equipment, and improve duct systems. But in the case of this award-winning project in San Antonio, TX, a complete tear-out and retrofit of all existing electric and plumbing was going on at the same time, which allowed Rosenberg Indoor Comfort to completely wipe the HVAC slate clean.

 “In this case, everything was ripped out and we started from scratch, almost as if a new home was being built,” said Joe Incardona, Rosenberg’s sales manager and the designer of the new system. “It’s a large home with a lot of living space laid out in an unusual way that required a lot of thought as to how we were going to deliver air to each room.”

The house, which is owned by Chris Hammet and Keith Sanford, was built in 1951 and is located in the Monte Vista Historic District of San Antonio. The home is about 4,500 square feet and is a single story that sits on pier and beam over a small basement area. The previous gas system was installed in the basement and there was no space to install properly sized return air ducts. In addition, supply air had to be pushed a long way with limited pressure from the basement, up into the attic space, and then across the living area to the farthest rooms.

The home was never comfortable in the extreme temperatures and humidity levels South Texas experiences, and monthly electric bills were typically very high as well. Hammet and Sanford’s goals were to make the entire house comfortable and energy efficient, taking advantage of the best technology available.

When the old system developed a refrigerant leak and needed to be replaced, the homeowners already knew Rosenberg would be the contractor to do the job.

“For over 10 years they’ve been maintaining the old system in the house and keeping it going,” Hammet said. “They’ve always had by far the most professional, experienced technicians. When the system went down and needed replacing with a whole new system, we knew who we were going to go with.”

Their goals were to install a system that wasn’t gas and wasn’t in the basement.

“When this system developed a major issue, they decided they were going to put in a system they could feel comfortable with and that’s going to be more energy efficient,” said Tom Hull, Rosenberg’s vice president. “Joe and I spent quite a bit of time down there, crawling around in their basement, crawling around in the attic, trying to figure out ways we could zone it and the best way to get them what they really wanted.”