2014 Quality Home Comfort Award Winner:
New Construction More Than 3,500 Sq. Ft.
"'Homework' Brings A+ Comfort"
Professional Geothermal Systems,
Port Washington, WI

Doing your homework really pays off when it comes to major home projects. When homeowners Jen Stevens and Joe Rintelman were preparing to build their new house in Grafton, Wi, they had a very specific set of requirements and desires. They were so specific about the plans that Rintelman acted as general contractor himself.

“Sometimes people have done their homework ahead of time, and sometimes people come to me with suggestions on what they want to do,” said Mark Doll, president of Professional Geothermal Systems, Port Washington, WI “They were very specific on what they wanted and how to achieve it. That was where I came in.”

The homeowners’ goals were to use green technology to save money on domestic hot water heating, zone control for all areas of the home, a radiant floor heating system and a geothermal loop in the pond located on the property.

“You can tell very quickly when you’re talking to a contractor who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to geothermal, and you can tell someone who’s trying to give you a sales job,” Rintelman said. “Mark clearly knew what he was talking about. He helped educate us, and we were certain that he understood what we needed and what we desired, and he gave us lots of options to achieve that.”