2014 Quality Home Comfor Award Winner
Retrofit/Renovation up to 3,000 sq. ft.
"Welcome, Comfort"
Climate Partners, Milford, CT

At first glance, the project Sally and Tom Ajello approached Climate Partners about sounded fairly straightforward: replace the heating and cooling systems and improve indoor air quality at their home in Bethel, CT.

But the challenges quickly became apparent. The family of five would continue to live in the house during the project, the two halves of the house were of drastically different vintages and construction types, and it was winter, which meant peak heating season.

In addition, the homeowners were not interested in a traditional HVAC project. Their goal was to pursue renewable resources to heat and cool their home, plus heat their hot water, and in the process become 100% energy independent.

“The homeowners in this case are extraordinarily savvy,” said Tom Casey, Climate Partners’ chief quality officer. “They had done tons of research. They knew everything about every brand, and every contractor was researched. They knew what they wanted but they hadn’t heard yet how to get it.”

That’s where Casey and his team came in.

“What they liked about it was that we weren’t just talking about heating the house or cooling the house,” Casey said. “We were talking about the energy of the house, we were talking about renewable energy, we were talking about the future and being able to power things with solar. We were talking about the health of the occupants, the impact to the house and keeping the aesthetic a certain way.”