The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) reported that its 2012 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star compliance rates across eight product sections averaged 97.2%, far exceeding the overall average Energy Star compliance rate of 93%.

“These high compliance rates warrant recognition from regulatory bodies and industry officials alike,” says AHRI President and CEO Stephen Yurek. “They demonstrate the integrity of our certification program and the commitment of our program participants to quality and accuracy.”

“These exemplary compliance rates illustrate the consistency and standard of excellence that are hallmarks of AHRI’s globally recognized and industry respected certification program,” Yurek adds.

“In fact, the 2.8% of products disqualified by the EPA were identified based on information supplied by AHRI. This is a strong indication that government agencies, commercial interests, and consumers alike can and should continue to rely on AHRI’s certification programs for accurate product performance information,” Yurek says.

The AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance ( lists performance information for some 250,000 products in 40 categories.