HVAC commissioning is usually a testing and reporting process that takes place at the end of an HVAC system installation. It documents the system was installed according to designer’s and manufacturer’s requirements.

Long Term Benefits

The residential commissioning process revolves around the measurement and verification of the performance of an HVAC system. The benefits of this process continue past startup and can become a baseline that will be referred back to each time the system is serviced.

Consider Offering Commissioning Options.

An HVAC residential system commissioning process should be adaptable to the needs and budget of customers. Consider offering several levels of commissioning that deliver a level of quality assurance your customers may be willing to invest in.

Here is a list of services to use to develop your commissioning packages:
• assessing your customer’s needs
• designing for optimized results
• installation is completed according to all performance specifications
• the system is tested and balanced
• refrigerant and combustion are measured and adjusted
• rating the performance of the HVAC system
• safety assurance via inspection and CO testing
• the building’s performance is verified.