Carrier has earned the prestigious “Partners of Choice” Award from David Weekley Homes, the largest privately-held home builder in America. Carrier received an “A” rating in the category of Service, which represents the first time the company has received this designation.

David Weekley Homes recognized 24 companies with the “Partners of Choice” Award from a total of approximately 175 organizations. Each winner was evaluated by David Weekley Homes’ National Trading Partner Survey, part of an interactive feedback platform designed to identify world-class performance. The process includes evaluations, one-on-one discussions, formalized feedback instruments, coaching sessions and action plans, and allows David Weekley Homes to analyze suppliers across diverse industries, provide feedback, and recognize what it believes are outstanding achievers with the award.

More than 600 team members from all levels of the builder's organization are asked to rate each supplier's performance on quality and service. Then, through a series of discussions, meetings, coaching calls and other activities, David Weekley Homes and its suppliers search for the best way to achieve excellence together. Through this process, David Weekley Homes takes “partnering with its suppliers” to a world-class level.

“Carrier is honored to have been selected as a ‘Partner of Choice,’” says David Meyers, vice president, sales and distribution, residential and light commercial systems, Carrier. “David Weekley Homes has long been a valuable partner and to earn this distinction validates Carrier as a world-class supplier and leader in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. We strive to provide our partners with first-class equipment and service and are proud of this honor.”

“Since 2004, the National Trading Partner Survey has given us a practical way of determining world-class excellence by creating a platform that compares our partners objectively despite their diverse industries,” says Bill Justus, vice president, supply chain services, David Weekley Homes. “Our goal is to help our partners improve and evolve; so for Carrier to earn its first ‘Partners of Choice’ Award clearly speaks to the level of commitment they have to the quality of service and equipment that they supply.”