With the approach of heating season, HVAC manufacturers continue to roll out new furnace designes. The newest from Carrier is the Performance 80 gas furnace with ComfortHeat technology.

The Performance 80 (58CTW) is a two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace, which offers unmatched comfort in its class thanks to ComfortHeat technology and up to 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE).

ComfortHeat technology offers decreased sound levels, longer cycles, fewer temperature swings between cycles and a consistent temperature between rooms. Its exclusive, intelligent control adapts to the heating needs of the home by automatically adjusting high- and low-heat times to maximize comfort.

The Performance 80 delivers two-stage heating with single-stage thermostat patented Adaptive Control Technology. The Performance 80 also comes equipped with the QuietTech system, providing low operating sound, SmartEvap technology moisture-control function and ComfortFan technology, which allows homeowners to adjust the constant fan speed from the thermostat.

“The new Performance 80 gas furnace provides a solid entry point into Carrier’s Performance tiered furnaces,” said Tom Archer, senior product manager, Carrier. “While this product offers homeowners many benefits, I believe the most significant is the way in which the advanced technologies utilized by this single unit work together to create an unparalleled level of comfort in the home.”

Homeowners also have multiple installation options due to the Performance 80’s four-way multipoise design with 13 vent applications. Plus, its variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) motor allows for efficient operation all year long in heating, cooling and continuous fan operation.

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