HVAC contractors, and homeowners in the market for new comfort systems have a new way to meet: HVAC.com. This Internet service allows homeowners to purchase HVAC systems over the Internet and find contractors interested in bidding on the installation of those systems.

The service was started by Will Housh, founder and CEO of Housh, Inc., Monroe, OH.

Housh says the new service is something customers have long been waiting for, in a world where time is short, and online HVAC information is plentiful.

“Several years ago, it seemed clear to me that consumers were speaking pretty clearly that they wanted to research, shop, and ultimately make their purchasing decisions via the Internet,” he says.

HVAC.com provides homeowners with the information, advice, technical information for equipment, accessories and IAQ, and then connect them with local contractors who can do the work for them.”

Through HVAC.com, customers across the U.S. have the option of buying systems online and then, either finding an installer through separate channels, or they can provide the HVAC.com team with information related to the size of the home, their comfort needs, and expectations. That information is then put out to bid to area contractors, who submit a bid to HVAC.com.

For those who choose the contractor route, a phone- and web-based dialogue is used to supplant an initial in-home meeting with a contractor.