This week’s top stories include a near miss disaster with a dropped HVAC unit in NYC, Women in HVAC, a very generous donation to Operation Homefront and the exciting history of plumbing!

It’s amazing that no one was injured when an HVAC unit was dropped 30 stories, damaging a building in New York City.

Proving that women in HVAC is becoming more of the trend, a mom shares her experience as an HVAC technician at her child’s school during career day at St. Mary’s School in Listowel, Ontario.

Speaking of amazing women, here’s one that performs plumbing duty on the International Space Station!

JB Industries, Aurora, IL, donates $10,000 to Operation Homefront for military families.

What did we ever do before plumbing was invented? It’s hard to believe that civilizations existed without it, but they did. Read on to see when and where plumbing was invented.

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