Sanuvox Technologies Inc. acknowledged Johnstone Supply for its outstanding achievement as a partner in the promotion and education of ultraviolet sterilization with the “Decade-of-Excellence” award. The award was presented on December 5 2012, by Jocelyn Dame, Sanuvox CEO to Jeff Shultz, Johnstone Supply product manager for controls, air and indoor air quality (IAQ), at the Johnstone Supply corporate headquarters in Portland, OR.

Aaron Engel, Sanuvox vice-president, Marketing, says the Decade-of-Excellence award represents a relationship that has grown between two leaders in their respective field, Sanuvox and Johnstone Supply.

“Ten years ago Sanuvox began to support individual Johnstone Supply stores which eventually led to the product line being embraced by Johnstone Supply corporate and included in the annual catalogue. Sanuvox and Johnstone Supply have led by example, working diligently together to show what a strong partnership can accomplish," Engel says. "We're happy to present this award to Johnstone Supply and wish to thank them for being an outstanding partner. We look forward to another decade of success."