Luxaire® Acclimate variable capacity residential systems from Johnson Controls are high-efficiency residential systems with built-in advanced charge monitoring. Charge Smart monitoring and other advanced technologies work together to offer greater precision and convenience in system operation, improved efficiency and homeowner comfort.

Built-in Charge Smart monitoring on air conditioners and heat pumps helps ensure units are charged correctly when installed by providing a direct readout of high and low system pressures and suction and liquid line temperatures, while also calculating system superheat and subcooling, all without connecting gauges, sensors or accessories to the units. This quick and accurate means of measuring refrigerant charge saves contractors a significant amount of time during installation and routine maintenance as it maximizes service life, delivers homeowner peace of mind.  

System efficiency is ensured by inverter-driven variable capacity technology, which dynamically adjusts capacity and airflow, unlike conventional systems that simply turn on or off. Air circulates more precisely and quietly, maximizing comfort while reducing energy consumption. In fact, the systems’ ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient qualified, up to 20 SEER AL21 air conditioners and HL20 heat pumps can reduce energy costs by as much as 50 percent compared to older 10 SEER units, and may qualify for utility rebates.

Several additional unique technologies further enhance comfort. SilentDriveincorporates a sound-reducing swept-wing fan blade, composite base pan and sound containment cloak to reduce typical outdoor operating sound levels, while Climate Sync™ enables contractors to set up systems faster and more accurately, by selecting from one of three preconfigured operating profiles—humid, dry or normal—based on climate and homeowners’ specific needs.

A third system—GeoTrak—allows further fine-tuning of the blower for specific applications, whether to compensate for arid environments or maximize the use of additional air quality accessories. Contractors can offer improved indoor air quality with a variety of devices, including system-matched humidifiers, germ-killing UVC lights and high-efficiency MERV 16-rated filtration, for reduced dust and contaminants.