Rob Cummings, a longtime trainer and troubleshooter known by many in the Nashville, TN region, passed away on Sunday, October 27, 2013. He was 57. The cause of death was liver disease, according to Joe Groh of the Joseph Groh Foundation.

Rob Cummings began his career in 1976, working at the welding counter of a refrigeration supply company.  He went to as many classes as he could and studied nights to learn the technical side of the HVAC industry.  In 1985 he went to work for Dale Supply in Nashville, middle Tennessee's oldest independently owned HVAC distributor. He hired in as a counterman, but his talents for greater responsibility were quickly recognized. He became the company's technical troubleshooter and technical trainer. Contractor customers throughout the Nashville area described him as one of the most technically knowledgeable individuals they worked with anywhere, and he served on advisory boards for both York and Nordine.

In 2003 Rob developed liver disease and had to discontinue active employment for a year. During that year he served as a technical consultant for Dale Supply and resumed active employment in 2004. After his return Rob became vice president of technical and customer service. The additional responsibilities included managing commercial quotations while continuing to handle technical troubleshooting and training. His disease progressed however and in February of 2010 he had to quit full-time employment.

Following a recent national industry seminar and product showcase, Alana Ward of Baggett Heating and Cooling of Clarksville, TN recommended that Rob's family contact the Joseph Groh foundation for assistance in replacing the roof. Rob's condition had become terminal so the roof was a major concern, but the Foundation was able to fund his request. The Joseph Groh Foundation provides financial assistance to those with a connection to the construction trades industry who are living with a life altering disability.

Rob met his wife Tammy met in 1977 and were married on December 27, 1978.  Rob adopted Tammy's daughter Tara, and in 1980 they had a daughter named Michelle.  Rob is survived by his wife Tammy, daughters Tara and Michelle and four grandchildren, Keri, Johnny, Anna and Cody.  A memorial service will be held at noon on November 16th at Antioch First Baptist Church in Nashville.