While none of us want to think about it, the start of heating season is only a few months away. Now’s the time to brush up on your boiler tune-up skills and make sure your technicians are properly trained to ensure peak system operation. It’s important to know what type of system the boiler is servicing to make sure you are setting up the boiler properly.

Here are some basic inspection points for hot water and steam boilers.

Hot Water Boiler Tune-up

1. Turn heat on at thermostat to make sure everything works before you touch the boiler.
2. Clean gas section of boiler (including burners, pilot, flame sensor, etc).
3. Check igniter.
4. Clean condensate traps and drains on high efficiency boilers.
5. Inspect exhaust and combustion air piping.
6. Inspect (and test is applicable) safety roll-out switches and temperature limits.
7. Test low water cut-offs and pressure switches.
8. Test relief valves and make sure that the proper relief valve is installed for the system.
9. Test and inspect pressure reducing valves.
10. Expansion Tank – drop system pressure and check tank pressure, adjust as required for system.
11. Compression Tank- isolate from system and drain tank to proper level (if possible). Be careful not to create a vacuum in the tank if the proper fitting are not installed on the tank for recharging.
12. Inspect circulator pump.
  a. Wet-rotor style – inspect flanges for leaks and check wiring connections.
  b. Three-piece – oil bearing and motor (if applicable), inspection motor mounts and coupler, inspect flanges for leaks, check wiring connections.
13. Check gas pressures and perform combustion test to ensure proper operation on the gas side of the equipment.