Testo, Inc. has announced the “2013 Ultimate Contractor Collection Giveaway.” This  collection will include a selection of Testo products valued at more than $6,000 and will be awarded to one contractor at the close of the giveaway entry period.

The Testo products in the giveaway include the Testo 570 digital manifold, the Testo 435 HVAC performance test kit, the Testo 320 combustion analyzer, and the Testo 875i-1 thermal imager. The Testo 320 combustion analyzer measures draft, pressure and ambient CO, and uses long-lasting sensors. The Testo 435 HVAC performance test kit has a four-function IAQ probe, integrated differential pressure measurement, and the ability to store 10,000 readings. The Testo 570 digital manifold can calculate superheat and sub cooling simultaneously and is a four-way valve block. The Testo 875i thermal imager has 160x120 resolution and 50mK sensitivity.

The giveaway runs through May 31, 2013. For more information about the Testo Ultimate Contractor Giveaway go to www.TestoUSA.com.