My last column covered ways to increase your HVAC company's awareness and visibility. One of the top marketing trends in 2014 is, simply put, video. Do you know the value of video? Are you using video in your business? What can video do for your business? Why should you publish one video per month?

Video is one of the most popular methods to drive traffic to your website and it is another way to help you build both awareness and visibility. Don’t think high quality professionally produced video, think high res webcam video. Think info video, think a video showing your new furnace, heat pump, condensing unit, air handler, humidifier, electronic air cleaner, or programmable thermostat. Think about the questions that customers ask and that could be a video as well. Become the expert on video so that people visit your website for answers. Your videos don’t have to be long; they just have to be informative.

The public is hungry for live video.

  • People upload videos to YouTube at the rate of 100 hours of video per minute.
  • People watch over 6 billion hours of video each month on YouTube. YouTube gets over 1 billion unique visitors every month.
  • Eighty percent of those come from outside the United States. You might think that’s bad, but the good news is 20% is over 200 million people or two thirds of the population of the United States watch YouTube vides every month. Do you think you could find customers from that group?

When you make your videos, you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to; however, if you do, it will make you synonymous with your company. On the other hand, you can just make a video of the piece of equipment and then add a voice over to it. If you are comfortable doing it, you can narrate your video as you shoot it, otherwise just go back, and add an audio track.