So the question is, should technicians sell or not? Only you can answer that.While everybody sells, some people are better than others. Some technicians will do it poorly or not at all if asked, so don’t ask them. However, they can still turn in leads and should. If one of every 15 air conditioners is replaced in a given year, one out of 10 service calls should generate a lead. Remember, service calls aren’t needed for pristine equipment, so the equipment should be ready for replacement in at least one out of 10 calls.

There are technicians who are fully capable of replacement sales. They should be given the opportunity after they’ve been given proper training. If they can become proficient, they will benefit personally and so will the company.

Selling technicians may not be the answer for your company. That’s okay. But they may be the answer, or part of the answer for other companies. And that’s okay too. Before you condemn a competitor’s business practices, see if there’s something you can learn from them.

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