The Ethics of Allowing Technicians to Sell

What are the Ethics Behind Techncian Selling?Some HVACR contractors think it’s unethical or deceptive to allow a technician to sell. And yet, many of these same contractors (or their fathers) sold as technicians when they started their companies. How is that different? 

It’s not.

Detractors of technician sales also claim that technicians will be so romanced by commissions that they will try to replace repairable equipment. So what? If a tech honestly persuades a consumer to replace when a repair would suffice, that’s hardly a sin. Unless the customer is of unsound mind, he or she can always say no. As long as the technician doesn’t lie or withhold information, it’s the homeowner’s choice.

The notion that commissions create corruption is equally inane. You cannot claim commissions are bad if spiffs are okay. You cannot claim commissions are bad for technicians, but okay for salespeople and owners (and every company owner works on commission whether he realizes it or not).