Honeywell recently introduced TrueBREEZE™, a balanced ventilation system that simplifies hanging and duct connections, and balances without adjusting dampers.

The compact, lightweight design and adjustable hanging straps of TrueBREEZE make it easy to raise, lower and level the unit into place. The removable duct collars allow contractors to easily connect ductwork away from the unit. Two variable-speed motors, one for each air stream, work with the integrated speed control to balance the system.

“Contractors are looking for products that simplify installation,” says John Tyhacz, vice president and general manger for Honeywell’s Home Comfort and Energy Systems business. “TrueBREEZE Balanced Ventilation Systems eliminate the need for overhead ducting and balance without adjusting dampers, significantly reducing – and simplifying – installation time.”

Along with the timesaving installation and simplified balancing, TrueBREEZE offers an array of other benefits, including:
· Centralized Wiring and Speed Control integrated into a single control box
· Customized Label Program generates lasting customer relationships through product customization
· Compact Size fits in more applications
· Advanced Enthalpy Recovery Core for cold climates

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