Commercial Rooftops


AAON RQ series rooftop unitAAON RQ series rooftop units (2-6 tons) are engineered for performance, flexibility and serviceability. Two-inch double wall rigid polyurethane foam injected cabinet construction, and direct drive backward curved plenum fans allow the RQ series to have quiet, energy efficient airflow at all static pressure conditions. Variable speed fans and variable capacity compressors allow the unit to operate as a single zone VAV system that modulates the fan speed based on the space temperature and the compressor capacity based on the supply air temperature. Single zone VAV units are available as air-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units or as air-source, water-source or geothermal heat pump packaged rooftop units with gas, electric or hot water or steam auxiliary heating. |


Building owners can increase operating efficiency and comfort control with a Carrier EnergyX energy recovery ventilator (ERV) system, now offered on Carrier  WeatherMaster 48/50HC rooftops. This factory-installed offering pre-
conditions the outdoor air before it enters the rooftop unit evaporator coil, and uses building exhaust air as a heat exchange source. As a result, the system, which is fully integrated into the rooftop unit, operates efficiently under a wider range of ambient temperatures. Based on Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) guidelines, EnergyX units achieve combined efficiency factors (CEF) of up to 17. |

Daikin McQuay

Daikin McQuay introduces a new energy recovery wheel option for the Rebel rooftop unit. Rebel rooftop units already achieve IEER’s as high as 20.6 without energy recovery and this new energy recovery option makes it more efficient, especially for applications requiring large amounts of ventilated air.

The energy recovery wheel option recovers approximately 75 percent of energy from the exhaust air stream. As the wheel rotates, outside air is drawn across one-half of the wheel while exhaust air is drawn across the other half, transferring sensible and latent energy between the ventilation and exhaust air streams. Free heat and humidity are recovered during winter months while free cooling and dehumidification occurs during the summer months. Easy, slide-out accessibility to the wheel is provided, simplifying service and cleaning for long-term, efficient wheel operation.

Rebel with energy recovery wheel exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements for energy recovery. It’s ideal for any climate, but the most energy savings can be seen in those with varying degrees of humidity. |

Johnson Controls

The Johnson Controls Series 10 single packaged unit combines efficiency ratings (up to 15 SEER) and ease of installation in a light commercial unit. The hot gas reheat option allows contractors to maintain a comfortable temperature while controlling humidity levels. Dehumidification is accomplished without the need for electric or gas heating. The system efficiently reuses hot gas from the cooling cycle to allow for dehumidification without increasing sensible cooling. |


Rheem Prestige seriesAvailable in 7.5-, 10-, 15- and 20-ton sizes, the Rheem Prestige series line commercial package units provides businesses with the utmost in reliability and efficiency. This line of high efficiency units exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2010 minimum efficiency standards by up to 15 percent, and it exceeds ENERGY STAR standards by 10 percent. The line features MicroChannel coil technology, which uses up to 50 percent less refrigerant than conventional coils. Plus, certain models include VFD Technology for the units’ supply fans; VFD technology reduces airflow by 50 percent during first-stage cooling and fan only operation, ultimately saving energy. |

Unison Comfort Systems

Valent VPRC modelThe new enthalpic plate heat exchanger (also referred to as a core) option of the Valent VPRC model provides both sensible and latent energy transfer. Its function is similar to a heat wheel, but it operates with the simplicity and minimal cross-contamination of a plate heat exchanger. Core heat exchangers are sized to operate with effectiveness over 50 percent to meet ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. The VPRC is available in the 110/210/310/350 cabinets (5-60 tons) from approximately 1,200 cfm to 14,000 cfm. |